Successful Candidates’ Testimonials – Ms Li Hui

“The interview results are out?” With trembling hands, I logged in to check my results online. I could scarcely believe my eyes when I saw that I had passed the interview! This news sent a thrill of joy to my heart. I laughed proudly, delighted with my achievements. In retrospect, it had been a bittersweet journey, although right now, it was definitely more sweet than bitter.

Learning is a long and arduous journey full of challenges. I failed my first written examination of Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (CTCSOL) by one point. I was not discouraged by the result because I knew that I did not have sufficient knowledge to pass the examination. After completing most of the modules of the Diploma of Chinese Language Teaching offered by KLC, my second written examination was around the corner. I read a lot of reference books, attended training courses, did the mock examination papers and memorized all kinds of information on history and literature. I was well prepared this time and my hard work finally got rewarded. I passed the written examination and was qualified for the interview.

The interview is divided into two parts: Chinese and English. For many who learn Chinese as their first language, English is always their Achilles heel. For this reason, HSK Centre (Crestar) offered two English courses to help them better prepare for the interview. After taking these courses, I made remarkable progress in English, especially in speaking. I went from being reluctant to speak in front of my classmates to being able to read sentences from the script. At the end of the courses, I managed to express myself confidently without the help of the script. For the first time, I felt that I could speak English fluently and with confidence. Similarly, I also benefited greatly from the Chinese and English Interview training courses. The contents of the course materials were extensive and accurate, and the tutors were not just professional and knowledgeable, but were also able to guide the students and provide valuable feedback so that I knew which areas to work on. During the course of exam preparation, I mastered more expertise and teaching skills, and became more confident in real teaching scenario.

I believe that there is no shortcut to success, and it is a rewarding journey forged with blood, sweat and tears. Looking ahead, Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages will only become more and more important all over the world. CTCSOL is a testimony to our teaching abilities. With this certificate, I believe it will open many doors in our careers, and our career paths will become wider as we move forward.

— Ms Li Hui