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Confucius Classroom (Crestar), Singapore

—— Launching Singapore’s First Confucius Classroom

Confucius-ClassroomThe Confucius Classroom (Crestar), was established in Singapore in April 2012 as a collaboration between the Crestar Education Group and the internationally-renowned Confucius Institute headquartered in Beijing, China. It joins more than 500 Confucius Classrooms across the globe offering a platform for learning Chinese language and culture, as well as promoting friendship through international exchanges and collaboration.

A non-profit organisation, Confucius Classroom (Crestar) Singapore works closely with educational and training institutions/agencies to enhance the learning of Chinese language and better understanding of Chinese culture. Its activities include:

  • Conducting professional enrichment courses for Chinese language students and teachers at various levels
  • Facilitating and organising visits by international experts to share the latest developments and best practices in the teaching of Chinese language and culture.
  • Organising exchange programmes between Singapore and China, and competitions to further awareness and promote more effective learning of Chinese language and culture.
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