Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have obtained the Certificate of Putonghua Proficiency Level (PSC). Can I use it to replace HSK score report?
No. These two exams are different in nature. HSK is a measure of the level of candidates’ comprehensive language skills (including listening, speaking, reading and writing) while the Putonghua Proficiency Test is a test of spoken fluency in Standard Chinese.

2. I am neither a Singapore citizen nor PR. Can I register for the HSK exam?
Yes. All foreigners holding a valid passport are welcomed to register for the HSK exam.

3. What are the age and education requirements to register for the HSK exam?
There is no age and education requirement. We welcome anyone who wants to test their Chinese proficiency to register for the HSK exam.

4. I would like to enroll in a preschool education course. Which level of HSK should I take?
There are different language competency requirements for different courses. Please ask your course consultant which level of HSK you should take.

5. How do I know which level of HSK I should take?
You can purchase HSK Test Syllabus or HSK Official Examination Papers at the front desk of HSK Centre (Crestar). Also, you can practice the sample papers downloaded from (Click “Sample Papers”) or to understand which level fits your language competency best.

6. How do I register for the HSK exam?

  • You can register at the front desk of Crestar HSK Education and Assessment Centre. Please bring your identification document (IC for Singapore Citizen and PR, Passport for others), a passport sized photo (for candidates of HSK Level 3-6 or HSKK Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced oral exam only) and completed registration form;
  • You may fill in the online registration form via, the payment QR code will be sent by Crestar HSK Education and Assessment Centre to the examinee/student for payment. Kindly email us a photocopy of your identification document (IC for Singapore Citizen and PR, Passport for others), a passport sized photo (for candidates of HSK Level 3-6 or HSKK Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced oral exam only) and cheque (made payable to “HSK Centre (Crestar)”) to Crestar HSK Education and Assessment Centre.

7. Can I register by proxy?
Yes. You can appoint a proxy to register on your behalf. (Please refer to Question 6 for documents required during registration)

8. What is the cost of the HSK exam?

Paper-based Test Fee

9. What are the total score and passing score for each level of HSK?

Level of HSK Total Score Passing Score
Written Test Level 1 200 120
Level 2 200 120
Level 3 300 180
Level 4 300 180
Level 5 300 180
Level 6 300 180
Oral Test Beginner 100 60
Intermediate 100 60
Advanced 100 60

10. Can I take HSK Level 5 and 6 in one day?
Candidate can register for a maximum of two consecutive levels from HSK Level 1 to 6 as long as there is no time conflict.

11. What modes of payment do you accept?
Payment can be made by cash, cheque (Crossed cheque should be made payable to “HSK CENTRE (CRESTAR)”) , NETS, MasterCard or VISA.For MasterCard or VISA payment, the below bank administration fee will be charged.

Credit Card Amount Administration Charges (Incude GST)
S$1 – S$500 S$15.00
S$501 – S$1,500 S$25.00
S$1,501 & above S$40.00

12. How to collect my admission ticket?
By default, admission ticket will be send via email one week before the exam.

13. Do I need to inform you if there is change of address?
Yes. Please inform HSK Centre (Crestar) if there is change of address so that we can send your score report to you.

14. What can I do if I missed the registration deadline?
You will need to choose a later date to take the exam.

15. Can I cancel or defer my registration after payment has been made?
No. The registration fee is non-refundable after payment has been made. However, you can arrange for deferment before the registration deadline. After the registration due date, no deferment is allowed.

16. If I am sick on the exam day, can I take the next exam for free?
We regret to inform you that you will need to register for the next exam and make payment again.

17. Can I apply for a second attempt if my first exam result is unsatisfactory?
Yes. However, you will need to resubmit your registration form and pay the registration fee.

18. How do you conduct HSKK oral test?
Candidates are to sit for an paper-based exam at the test centre. Recording device will be provided.

19. How to achieve satisfactory results in the HSK exam?
You can sign up for HSK preparatory course at Crestar HSK Education and Assessment Centre. The course is conducted by a professional teacher to help the candidates get satisfactory results.

20. How useful are HSK results?
HSK results can serve the following purposes:

  • To serve as a reference when you apply for a job position that requires a certain level of Chinese competency
  • To serve as a reference for primary and secondary school students in Singapore to predict and improve their results in Chinese language subject
  • To certify that you have obtained the required Chinese proficiency to enter a college or university in China as an undergraduate or graduate student
  • To provide additional 2 to 10 points in China’s new work permit scoring system

1. What can I bring into the examination room?
Only 2B pencils and erasers. You must also bring the admission ticket and the same identification document (IC for Singapore Citizen and PR, Passport for others) you provided on your HSK application form to the examination room. If you do not bring valid and acceptable identification or if the name on your admission ticket does not exactly match the name on your identification document, or if the photo on your identification document does not clearly matches you, you will not be permitted to sit for the exam and your exam fee will not be refunded. Voice recorders, cameras, dictionaries, MP3 players, mobile phones, pagers, laptops, notebooks, textbooks and other personal belongings must be placed in the area designated by the supervisors.

2. What is the use of the admission ticket?
The admission ticket contains candidate’s name, nationality, gender, serial number, level of HSK, examination time, test centre’s name and address, and exam information. It is used for entry into the examination room. After the exam, candidates need to continue to keep the ticket so they can check their results one month after the exam. Upon receipt, candidates need to make sure all the information on the admission ticket is correct, and the name, gender, date of birth and identification document number must match that of their identification documents. Please contact HSK Centre (Crestar) if there is any incorrect information. Alternatively, candidates can approach invigilator for correction on the exam day. Please note that incorrect information only refers to typo error. Candidates need to provide proof if they want to make major changes to their names. HSK Centre (Crestar) reserves the rights to reject any data correction request with major changes.

3. Can I use a pen for the written test?
No. According to the examination regulations, you must do it in 2B pencil.

4. Do I need to bring my own voice recorder for the oral test?
No. You will sit for the online exam using computer and headset provided by test centre.

5. Is there a dress code for exam candidates?
No. But we suggest exam candidates to dress in layers so that you will be comfortable in varying room temperatures.

6. What is the admission time of the exam?
The examination room will be opened for admission 30 minutes before the time scheduled for the commencement of the exam. Please place your admission ticket and identification document at the top right corner of your examination desk for the verification of identity during the exam. Candidates who are late or unable to produce original and valid identification documents will be disqualified.

7. What are the rules and regulations during the exam?
Candidates are not allowed to choose their seats and must find their allocated seats before the exam. No foods and drinks are allowed during the exam. Examples of cheating include taking exam for someone else, reading the exam papers and answering questions from other sections without permission, tearing off, changing and copying exam questions and bringing the exam papers out of exam room. If a candidate breaches any of the exam rules and regulations, a violation report will be written and his answer sheet will not be graded. Chinese Testing International reserves the rights to reject the candidate from taking any exam administered by Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban.

8. Can I leave the examination room right after I finish the exam?
You are not allowed to leave the examination room until the end of the exam. Any candidate who breaches this regulation will be disqualified.

1. When can I find out my HSK results?
You can check your HSK results online one month after the examination date. Score report will be posted to you two or three months after the examination date.

2. How to check my HSK results online?
You can check your results one month after the examination date via two methods:

  • You can view your scores online by visiting Chinese language testing services website ( Simply key-in your admission ticket number and English name to check your results.
  • If you forget test admission ticket number, you can also view your scores by visiting website( Simply key-in your English name and  identification document number (IC for Singapore Citizen and PR, Passport for others) to check your results.

3. What should I do if the query results show “information does not match”?
If the query results prompted “information does not match”, this may be caused by some of the following circumstances:

  • Results have not been announced. Normally examination results will be announced one month after the exam. To confirm whether it has been released, you can click “Score Release Progress” to see the status of the results released;
  • Admission Ticket number input may not be accurate. The standard admission ticket number contains 18-characters (including the first English letter) beginning with “H”, “Y” or “B”. Please check whether the entered ticket number is correct.
  • The name entered does not match the name on the ticket. Pay attention to the spelling of both the surname and first name, the order of arrangement and the spacing on the ticket, otherwise the system will be result in an “information does not match” status.

If the above three cases do not apply to you and you still cannot view the results, you can explain the situation using “Online Question” function on Chinese language testing services website. Please provide the examination date, type and level of examination, admission ticket number and name, the customer service staff will reply you as soon as possible.

4. What is the reason for not getting my results?
Where the candidates themselves did not fill in their serial number correctly, shading of the answer card information was done wrongly, or they did not use 2B pencils to answer, etc., candidates will not receive their results. In addition, candidates caught cheating will have their examination results cancelled.

5. I do not have a permanent address. How should I collect my score report?
You can opt to collect your score report personally at the front desk of HSK Centre (Crestar). Please inform us if you want self-collect when you register the exam. We will inform you once your score report is ready for collection two month after the examination date.

6. Can I collect my score report without admission ticket?
Yes. But you have to produce the same identification documents (IC/Passport) you provided on your HSK application form at the front desk of HSK Centre (Crestar) for verification.

7. I have returned to my home country before I can receive my score report. Can you post it to my home country?
Unfortunately we cannot post your score report to countries other than Singapore. We suggest you to write an authorization letter and appoint a proxy to collect on your behalf. Alternatively, you can also provide us a Singapore mailing address where we can send your score report.

8. What if I lose my score report?
You can apply for a letter of certification. An administration fee of $30 will be incurred.

9. Can you provide an additional copy of my score report?
HSK Centre (Crestar) does not provide additional score report, only a free report for each candidate.

10. In addition to HSK score report, will you also issue a HSK certificate to me?
Candidate will only receive a single HSK score report, which states his/her total score, score in each section and the passing score. Separate certifications are no longer issued.

11. What is the period of validity for the HSK score report?
The HSK score report has permanent validity. The period of validity of the score report, as certification for foreign students to enter a college or university in China, is two years after the date of the test.