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Frequently Asked Questions about CTCSOL

1. Is CTCSOL an official certificate?

CTCSOL is the only one official certificate issued by Confucius Institute Headquarter/ Hanban to assess the abilities of Chinese language teachers and quality of their comprehensive skills. Meanwhile, HSK Centre (Crestar) is the only test and training centre for CTCSOL.

2. What are the requirement for certificate application?

CTCSOL requirement

3 What are the CTCSOL examination structures?

CTCSOL examination consists of two components: written test and interview test. Only those who have successfully passed the written test can proceed to attend the interview test.

4. What are the scopes of the written test?

The written part of the CTCSOL is composed of 150 objective type questions (full marks being 150), which are further divided into three components: basic knowledge; capacity to apply; and comprehensive quality. The duration is 155 minutes (including 5 minutes to fill in answer sheets). The passing line is 90 marks.


5. How long is written test result valid for?

The written test scores of candidates who have passed the written test but failed the interview test remain valid for 2 years.

6. How about the interview test?

Combining elements of structured interview and classroom simulation, the interview test comprises four segments such as an English self-introduction, a demo lesson, a trial lecture, and a Q&A, which lasts for 25 minutes in total. Candidates are given 30 minutes to prepare prior to the test. Examiners will evaluate candidates’ overall performances during the interview test by assigning corresponding scores, with full marks being 100 and its passing line is 60. Full marks for English session (Self-Introduction and Q&A) is 50 and passing line is 30 marks. A successful candidate must achieve both passing lines.


7. Does exam centre provides pre-test training courses?

HSK Centre (Crestar) provides training courses for written test and interview test respectively. You may contact us for the details.

8. What are the recommended reference books?

1. Test Syllabus for International Chinese Language Teacher Certificate
2. Test Syllabus Interpretation for International Chinese Language Teacher Certificate
3. International Chinese Teaching Cases and Analyses – By Zhu Yong
4. Cross-cultural Communication – By Zhu Xiaomei

9. How can I apply for CTCSOL examination?

  1. Test fees for written test and interview test respectively are:
    Test Fee
    Payment modes are cash, NETS, cheque (payable to HSK Centre (Crestar)), MasterCard  or  VISA. For MasterCard or VISA payment, the below bank administration fee will be charged.
  2. One (1) passport sized photo
  3. Bring along Identity Card (for Singapore Citizen or PR) or passport (foreigner).

10. When are the exam dates for year 2018 & 2019?

Written Test

Interview Test

21st April 2018


7th July 2018 (Saturday)


8th July 2018 (Sunday)

27th October 2018


12th January 2019 (Saturday)


13th January 2019 (Sunday)

11. How long is the validity for CTCSOL?
After passing written test and interview test of CTCSOL, both results do not have an expiry date but certificate is required for renewal every 5 years since the date of approval for certificate.

Certificate recipients are required to attend training courses in order to fulfil the requirements for certificate renewal. Chinese Test International will announce the relevant rules and procedures via official website prior to renewal system is available.

12. Where is the exam centre and test application counter?

HSK Centre (Crestar)
Address: 587, Upper Serangoon Road, Crestar Building, Singapore 534564.
Contact number: 6858 9621 / 6858 7525

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