HSK/YCT Test Date 2019, Singapore

Test Date Level Registration Deadline
23rd Mar (Sat) L1-6 + Oral (Intermediate & Advanced) 16th Feb (Sat)
21st July (Sun) L1-6 + Oral 8th June (Sat)
22nd Sept (Sun) L1-6 + Oral (Intermediate & Advanced) 17th Aug (Sat)
1st Dec (Sun) L1-6 + Oral 19th Oct (Sat)

Download Registration Form:

1. Registration Form (Paper-based)   / 2. Registration Form (Internet-based)

*After downloaded the registration form, you can choose one of the following ways to fill in:

  1. Print directly, manually fill in and sign.
  2. Use the PDF standard software (Adobe Reader 9 or later) to fill in, print and sign.

*Please attach 1 passport size photo (for candidate taking HSK Level 4, 5, 6 or oral test only) & a duplicate copy of IC (for Singaporean/Singapore PR) / passport (for others) together with registration form.

HSK Test Fee

1. Paper-based Test Fee

Level Test Fee (Inclusive of GST)
Level 1 – 4 S$100.00
Level 5 S$120.00
Level 6 S$150.00

2. Internet-based Test Fee

Level Test Fee (Inclusive of GST)
Level 5 S$230.00
Level 6 S$260.00
Oral (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced) S$150.00

HSK Preparation Courses

Course Name HSK Level 1- 6 Preparation Course (Paper-based)
Course Date 16th Mar (Sat), 6th Jul (Sat), 14th Sept (Sat), 23rd Nov (Sat)
Course Time 10:00AM – 1:00PM & 2:00PM – 5:00PM
(Total 6 hrs)
Course Venue 587 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534564
Course Fee (Inclusive of GST) S$160.50

YCT Test Schedule 2019

Test Date Level Registration Deadline
11st May (Sat) Level 1 – 4 +  Oral (Beginner & Intermediate) 30th Mar (Sat)
9th Nov (Sat) Level 1 – 4 +  Oral (Beginner & Intermediate) 28th Sep (Sat)

YCT Test Fee

Level Test Fee (Inclusive of GST)
Level 1 – 4 S$30.00
Oral (Beginner & Intermediate) S$50.00

Download Registration Form:

1. Registration Form (YCT)